Farmer Trainings & Support

We aim to promote sustainable farming practices while supporting and training our farmers.


  • We disseminate training and practices on sustainable agricultural practices that increase the competencies of our farmers and enable us to protect the soil.

  • In 2022, we continued our project specifically for barley farmers. We also continued to provide sustainable agriculture and malting barley cultivation training to farmers with Professor Süleyman Soylu from Konya Selçuk University. The targeted 300 hours of training was completed both online and face to face. In the project, the process of seeds in the field began to be monitored with the FieldView application.

We are looking for solutions:

• Accessible training for farmers on different topics: financial literacy, sustainable practices in agriculture, crop quality, water management, etc.

• Systems and tools that strengthen farmers’ commercial decision-making mechanisms


We aim to optimize agricultural processes, increase crop yields and promote more sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.


  • As a company that relies on agricultural production for 2 of its 4 basic raw materials, fluctuations in agricultural raw material production and risks related to water resources are among the important risks for our sector.

  • We are collaborating with 3 different universities to develop new drought-resistant seeds and further increase barley diversity, yield and quality.

  • We have been carrying out the “Smart Agriculture” project in our Turkey operations since 2018. With the project, we aim to empower our farmers and reduce the environmental impact of agriculture. Smart agricultural applications offer farmers the opportunity to control their fields from applications on their mobile phones without going to the field.

We are looking for solutions:

We are looking for solutions:

• Developing recyclable materials with high durability and flexibility so that hops can grow and grow properly.

• Innovative technologies, hardware, artificial intelligence and alternative solutions that will provide speed and efficiency gains in seed development processes

• Plant growth simulations and modeling technologies that will increase efficiency and optimize resource use in the agricultural sector

• Yield prediction and modeling technologies for raw material production

• Software, hardware and related solutions to quickly identify and diagnose plant diseases and pests

• Innovative solutions that encourage the integration of regenerative agriculture practices

• Vertical farming applications

• Organic and inorganic waste separation solutions

• Irrigation optimization technologies

• New technology-based solutions or structures for carbon market incentives to farmers contributing to the net zero target

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